Ökologisches Ferienhaus an der Müritz

  Ökologisches Ferienhaus an der Müritz, Rechlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern  



Vacation Home in Rechlin
- Mueritz Lake, Germany -

Welcome to our house with four apartments in the Mecklenburg Lake District, northern Germany - an ideal place to spend your holidays if you love nature and want to relax in an environmentally-sound and healthy environment. You can easily combine your holidays with a visit to the cities of Berlin or Hamburg (about 2 hours away).

Mecklenburg Lake District (Mecklenburgische Seenplatte), situated between Berlin and the Baltic sea, is well-known for its dozens of beautiful lakes, such as Lake Müritz. This lake has a surface of almost 120 square kilometers, which makes it the second biggest lake in Germany (after Lake Constance). The lakes and woods of the sparsely populated area are singular in Germany.
The house is situated at five minutes walking distance to the southern Müritz shore. Müritz National Park, one of Germany's biggest and most impressive national parks, is about 8 kilometers away. While the Park's 650 kilometers of foot paths offer plenty of opportunities to go for a walk, you can also go swimming, rent a kayak or sailing boat, go on a bicycling tour around the lake (less than one day), etc.

Each apartment (75 square meters) has two bedrooms (two beds each) and one living room. The entire house is suitable for persons suffering from allergies (sorry, no pets allowed). One of the apartments is equipped with facilities for wheelchair users (access, bathroom, etc.).

A large garden with trees is behind the holiday home. The two lower flats have a terrace each, which allows you to sit out in the garden. In a separate hut, there is a small sauna for our guests.

Our house has been renovated in 1996 to meet the highest ecological standards (through solar systems, special isolation system, etc.). We used many natural building materials, such as wood an cork.

Our house is situated in a quiet and green area of the village of Rechlin. There are a number of shops, doctors, etc. The small restaurants offer food at reasonable prices - or you can buy fresh and smoked fish from the region. The surrounding villages are also nice places for a small trip: you can visit old churches, buy local food, etc. There are some interesting cultural sights in the area, such as the museum dedicated to Heinrich Schliemann (discoverer of Troy).

Prices can be found under www.ferienwohnungen.de/ferienwohnung/110765

Reductions apply when booking for two persons only, for repeated bookings and for guests who travle with public transport or by bicycle (climate reduction).


If you are interested in spending your holidays here, please contact us - we will be happy to provide you with more information:

(If you call from outside Germany, please dial 0049-5608-4366.)




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